Question: “What do I do if I find an injured animal?

Answer: See our “I Found an Animal!” tab here.

Question: “What if I’m not in your area?”

Answer: You can look up rehabbers in your area at the North Carolina Wildlife Commission page. Here is the link.

Question: “How are you funded?”

Answer: By generous donors like yourself! North Carolina wildlife rehabilitators receive zero state or federal funding. We rely on donations and grants, which are hard to get.

Question: “How can I donate?”

Answer: You can click the “Donate” button on our page, donate through our Facebook page, send us a check, buy things on our Amazon wishlist, pick us as your Amazon Smile charity, or watch for our “Needs of the Week” on Facebook.

Question: “Can you visit us?”

Answer: It is our hope one day to have a large facility open daily to the public. Until someone donates us 20+ acres of land and $100,000 to build a building, we will happily bring our education ambassadors to visit you. Please see our “Programs” page here on how to book a program for more info.

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